I call him Fluffy

I have become a cat person.  The kind of person that has a whole album dedicated to their cat on Facebook.  The kind of person that talks about their cat like it is a child.  Luckily, almost all of my friends are also “cat people”.  We sit around and compare stories of cute/annoying/funny/abnormal things that our cats do.  This conversation always starts with one simple story and then, before we know it, we are an hour deep into cat lore.  I worry about this.  Before I owned a cat, my friends’ cat stories were boring and tedious to listen to.  This all changed when I got my cat and had my own stories to contribute.  The thing is, I know that this will happen again when my friends start having babies, and frankly I don’t think I could do another round of listening to stories without being able to contribute. It is just downright boring.  I guess this will force me to a) have a baby, b) get better at steering the conversation towards something else, c) get new (childless) friends.  At least I have a few options.


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