I can never look at him the same way again…

I had one of those dreams last night that lingers in the back of your mind all day.  For some reason it is not just swept away with the morning coffee, but rather breezes in and out of your unconscious for at least a few hours, but sometimes a few days.  When I took a course in altered stated of consciousness in university, during our discussion of dreams, my professor said that there are some dreams that mean something and should be paid attention to, and there are others that are just left over garbage that we typically do not remember.  Or if we do remember them upon rising, they are quickly forgotten.

I would also add that from my experience even the “garbage” dreams have a high level of memory stickiness if they are highly emotionally charged.  Although, perhaps that would remove them from the “garbage” category as the high emotional value could be the sign that we should be paying attention.

Nevertheless, the dream I had last night involved my friend’s brother.  Him and I are not close at all and never have been, and yet here he was, the star of the 4am show.  As with most dreams, the details are sketchy but the plot line involved some sort of Skytrain-like trip and most importantly a Blue Jays game that I went to with this fellow when his friend cancelled last minute.  Throughout this dream there was this underlying feeling of flirtatiousness and playfulness that, once we were seated in the baseball stadium, quickly turned to be undeniably sexually charged.  It felt, like a speeding train that couldn’t be stopped, and not giving into it at that moment was just delaying the inevitable.  It seemed like I was at the threshold of giving in.  The moment of my final decision of whether to proceed with this physical affair was almost at hand.  Then I woke up.  I don’t know whether people actually talk like this, but “in the movies” this is often how forbidden acts of passion are described; something that can’t be controlled and will not cease until the deed is done. 

I am not about to start getting into what I think this dream “meant” as I am not sure it has a meaning at all and I also have no intention of making myself extremely uncomfortable around my friend’s brother by discovering some weird suppressed high school fantasy, but I will say that I have been feeling like a teenage girl experiencing her first crush all day…and I kind of like it!


One thought on “I can never look at him the same way again…

  1. Teeheee! Sometimes the ol' libido just waltzes into the (otherwise completely, ahem, logical) dreamscape and wreaks havoc on the hormones. I'm sure it's greased a few palms to get there or at least wore a ridiculously low-cut top to get past the bouncer. Good work, Miss Li, we need more agents like you!

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